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Are You Open to Co-Living?

June 8, 2023

Like co-working, co-living is a trend that has seen real growing interest in recent years. For adults looking for an affordable and social living environment that brings about just that touch of nostalgia from their college days, co-living is the solution that ticks all the boxes. Taking into account all of the social advantages of communal living while limiting its drawbacks, co-living takes what is good about multiple party living situations and limits the stuff that may make you decide against it. 

Co-living is broad, and you can find many different types of co-living spaces out there to suit your individual need. Some co-living spaces may have shared communal areas like cinemas or movie rooms, offices, and gyms, while others may opt for full dormitory style living. Depending on the level of socialization versus privacy you want, there is a co-living space out there for you.

The Benefits Of Co-Living

There are many benefits associated with co-living, and it’s these that draw individuals to co-living spaces in the first place, including:

  • Making socialization easy – Once you’re out of the college stage, it can be hard to make and maintain friendships. In some instances, you may find the socialization you’re looking for at work, but what if your workmates aren’t the social types? Co-living spaces put you back into that environment that is ripe for social activity, allowing you to make friendships and find companions much more easily and naturally.


  • You’re taken care of – If you’re making a big move from coast to coast, or even from another country entirely, you might be at a loss when it comes to taking care of everything you need. Furniture, office supplies, appliances, and services are necessary, and it’s not exactly easy to take these with you between vast distances. In many co-living spaces, you’re taken care of, and you can rest easy knowing you’ll be all set when you make your fresh new start.

  • Help with maintenance – For those who aren’t particularly handy, it’s a pretty daunting experience when something goes wrong. How will you fix the stove? What about the door that creaks too much? Is that a new leak popping up on the ceiling? Co-living spaces are managed by property management teams, and it’s these teams who will take care of all of the maintenance required.

  • Great neighborhoods – If you’re coming to a new location and you’re looking for a great neighborhood, co-living spaces give you the perfect way to meet new people, take in the neighborhood culture, and see if this is the right place for you.

A New Way To Enjoy Life
Humans are naturally social animals, and it’s unfortunate that socialization becomes more difficult when we need it most. Co-living provides a social solution that makes sure you’re taken care of, and it’s a fitting lifestyle for those of any walk of life. If you’re interested in what co-living can do for you, contact us at LivingQ today.