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The Argument For Shared Space Living

September 20, 2023

If someone tells you that there’s no excuse for not being able to live on your own as a working adult, that person is probably a Baby Boomer who has no idea how much the landscape of everyday economics in the USA has changed. That person also probably still thinks the Vietnam War is still going on, disco is the hot new trend in music, and the USA is sending more men to the moon.

In the 21st century, millennial generations already know the game has changed. The fulltime-for-life career at just one company, with benefits and a pension, is getting rare to find. Unions are losing power, the Gig Economy continues to encourage people to hustle every day to make a living, and that means the living situation is no longer the same. With all of that going on, shared space living is becoming a common choice, and here are the reasons why.

It Still Beats Living At Home

For some, never “leaving the nest” and remaining parents may be the most cost-effective way to live, especially if you get along with your family, but it may not be the most practical in every situation. If you don’t get along with your family, the lack of independence and the arguments can grow intolerable, and if you’re moving to another city for work purposes, staying at home isn’t feasible.

Shared space living, however, means that now you get to choose the family you live with. You can have your privacy and your independence without having to answer to family, but you can make some new friends this way too.


When you’re a shared living space, you’re in a much safer position. People that live alone in apartments are often easier targets for theft, assault, or worse, and that is precisely because criminals know someone living alone has no one to help them.

When you live in a shared space, not only does that mean you’re less vulnerable, living in a shared space complex means more people, more security, and more safety for everyone.

You Save Money

Of course, the primary reason for shared space living is that this is the most cost-effective way to live. When you have one or more roommates that are paying rent, covering utilities and even contributing to groceries, everyone benefits from those collective savings.

The new American economy is not what it once was, and between handling student loans and salaries that are having trouble keeping up with inflation, it’s getting more important to save money wherever you can. Shared living spaces are one of the best ways to do that since they can make a huge cut into your weekly and monthly expenditures. Over a long enough period, those savings can have a huge impact on your personal finances, especially debt management.

That’s why if you’re interested in meeting new people and saving some money at the same time, we can help. Reach out to LivingQ, and find out more about our shared living space options. You’ll find the right environment, the right people, and the right price for cost-effective, independent living.