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Tips for a Co-Living Lifestyle

November 22, 2023

If you have chosen the co-living lifestyle, there are many benefits you will experience. From more affordable living options to a long list of amenities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

You will also find flexible housing terms and a community and family-like atmosphere. However, there are also a few things you will need to get used to when adapting to this new lifestyle.

Below you will find a few tips for a co-living lifestyle.

Compatibility with Roommates

This is one of the more important things to consider as you choose to co-live. You want to be compatible with your roommates in order to maintain good relationships and have a much smoother transition into your co-living environment.

If you are someone that is considered more of a night owl, then you may not want to have roommates that abide by earlier bedtimes. You may also want to find people that share similar personalities.

You may also want to find a co-living arrangement that includes people that work in the same industry and have those shared interests and passions. However, even the most diverse communities can come together to become the best roommates.

Proper Communication

Communication is also very important when it comes to co-living environments. Miscommunication has been known to start many fights in a household, especially in the beginning, when everyone is just getting to know one another.

If there is something bothering you, make sure to communicate those feelings in a very respectful way. Don’t be confrontational. Instead, be straightforward. You also shouldn’t keep those feelings to yourself. Harboring those feelings can lead to both anger and resentment that can become toxic to your co-living environment.

Shared Responsibilities

Responsibilities and who is in charge of what is another common complaint seen among co-living households. Many problems may be the result of neglect toward the cleaning duties or the inability to respect the shared spaces in the home.

Everyone needs to be specific about what needs to be done and everyone needs to have their own responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities may also be shareable and this needs to be well known and received in the home as well.

The best way to do this is to set up a calendar that is visible to everyone in the household. This is a good way to keep all responsibilities managed and under control and eliminate the possibility of fights, disrespect, and mayhem.

Have Respect

Above all, the biggest tip we can offer you as you journey into your new co-living lifestyle is to have respect for those around you. Respect, compatibility, and communication make up the foundation for a successful co-living experience for everyone involved.

For more information on co-living, including what it is and how you can benefit from this kind of community inspired living arrangement, make sure to get into contact with LivingQ today. They will lead you through a new kind of experience when it comes to living with like-minded individuals.