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All Work And Play: Why Co Living May Be The Fast Life Millennials Need

January 3, 2023

Millennials, or the generation that is currently in the biggest portion of the workforce, has redefined a lot of things, including co living. What used to be a simple roommate scenario has ushered in a more expanded idea of living. Co living has now become synonymous to the space that young people—and a number of young-at-heart individuals—tend to live in and form their respective communities with.

Check out some of the reasons why co living is currently the best set-up for millennials.

A Little Slice of Heaven (in Furniture)

Co living spaces can come in two packages. They can be cheaper living spaces with basic furnishings, or a more high-end experience that offers modern furnishes and furniture that give one a slice of posh paradise. 

This set-up encourages a homey vibe, whether in setting up little rest pods or pockets of green for pseudo-gardens. By integrating the millennial aesthetics with quality furniture and finishes, co living spaces allow the younger generation the urban space of their dreams.

Redefining a Community That Thrives on Connection

Millennials have become defined by their need for connection—though this can be defined further by online connections and intimate physical gatherings and events. A shared space, therefore, becomes a venue to connect in different ways.

One can connect as professionals, such as the digital nomads who take their work with them anywhere they go. Co living spaces become more than a place to live—it is a place to extend one’s professional and private lives. 

This redefinition of community takes the common idea of roommate or flat mate into an entirely different concept. Sharing now becomes more than between roommates. It now extends to the other housemates or renters within the space. Imagine wanting takeout and splitting the delivery fee in how many ways or sharing meals for a smaller bill each. The same goes for cleaning, carpooling, or going out; being in a co living set up is like having friends with you 24/7—just one knock on any of the doors and you can connect with someone easily.

A Ready-made Life That You Work Together For

Another definition of community goes beyond the connections that one makes when in the common room. Part of the idea of co living is that responsibilities become shared, and so is everything else.

Millennials are more rooted in their work than other generations, and as such, their homes tend to be an extension of their old hometown homes. Between furnished apartments and furnished co living spaces, the latter becomes a sharing of common spaces and common activities

Community managers create events and social highlights to bring groups together. Furnished spaces, while they are nice on the eyes at the beginning, still need daily work to maintain. This teaches the tenants how to keep their own lawns (or rooms) clean while also having the easy-to-access neighbor just a knock away in case you need a broom or dishwashing soap.

If you are a millennial looking to taste the co living life, check out LivingQ and its residential arrangements. You might just live out the best years of your life with some of the most amazing people you will meet and be connected with.