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Coliving Could Be Your Next Great Venture

January 10, 2023

Life can be difficult for college graduates, just starting out, to say the very least. They usually have to begin internships, which pay little to nothing at all or get hired on in a mediocre position with a company. They have to put forth the effort and time to work their way up the food chain. Until that moment comes when the individual finally gets a promotion, he or she must find a place to live that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Of course, there is always the option of moving back into mom and dad’s basement. Yet, that choice can leave a person feeling as if they do not have any freedom. An individual could also rent a crummy apartment, as those are likely the only complexes that will fall within their budget. Heck, leasing a house is on the table too. However, if the lessee doesn’t have any credit or much cash, the building could be located in a bad neighborhood. That means robberies, muggings, and more could enter the picture at some point.

However, if persons think outside of the box, there may be a way for them to live in a nice place comfortably. Coliving could be exactly what graduates need when trying to establish themselves in this world. Basically, it is a house that they share with other people. The renters get their own bedrooms, and sometimes bathrooms, but share common rooms such as the kitchen, screening room, and co-working area. Now, the following sections are going to discuss some of the pros associated with this venture.

Shared Housing Can Save A Graduate Some Money

Like with any lease, rental agreement, or mortgage, there is a monthly payment with coliving too. However, when it comes to shared housing, the fee covers way more than just rent. That is a big draw for a lot of folks as every little bit counts when attempting to make it in the rat-race called life. A host of amenities are included in the rent with our company. Some of the more notable ones are…

  • Cleaning Service a few Times A Week

  • Paid Utility Bills

  • The House Comes Furnished With Appliances Such As A Refrigerator, Dishwasher, And Oven

  • Basic Supplies Are Covered Too, Like Salt/Pepper, Toilet Paper, And Shampoo/Soap

  • Free Netflix And WiFi

Coliving Gives Tenants The Ability To Make Friends And Collaborate

Shared housing occupants come from diverse backgrounds and upbringings. Thus, tenants get to learn about different cultures and worldviews. Those aspects can be huge as they gain first-hand knowledge about particular areas in case they ever plan to visit one of them. Also, there is a shared study room in each coliving space. Hence, if a person is having problems with a project or assignment, they can easily collaborate with their new flatmates for inspiration. 

A Little Bit About The Rooftop Seating And BBQ Stand

Moving into a house with strangers can be quite intimidating. However, our rooftop seating area with barbecue stand can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for helping tenants come out of their shells. It is a place where they can hang out, eat, talk, and have fun. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our organization and discover what all of the fuss is about for yourself.

Give LivingQ a call to discuss your coliving options today.