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An Introverts Guide To Coliving

October 4, 2023

Living with other people sounds like an introvert’s worst nightmare, right? Not necessarily. Introverts need more time to themselves than extraverts to recharge. However needing more alone time doesn’t mean that introverts aren’t actually very social. Introverts can enjoy coliving because you do have control of how much or how little you participate in all the great social activities. If you’re an introvert and are hesitant about coliving, here’s what you need to know. 

Coliving Still Offers Privacy

After a long day of interacting with people, introverts want nothing more than to recoup in private. Introverts need a cozy spot, where they can rest, reenergize, and enjoy their alone time. In coliving spaces, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get away from the crowd. You’ll have a private living space you can turn into your own retreat. Furthermore, the common areas aren’t always bustling with lots of people. So you’ll get some alone time in those spaces as well. 

Get More Value Out Of Socialization

There is nothing worse to an introvert than the tedium of social obligations. Introverts love to socialize, but they don’t want to be bogged down in small talk or to just socialize to pass the time. Introverts value socialization that offers more. In a coliving space, people are interested in having strong, deeper connections. They want to partner on projects and experiment with new ideas. Socialization in coliving is about connecting with people who share your values and interests. You will get so much more value out of your social time than you do in other living situations.

Go Out Without Ever Having To Go Out

Just thinking about bar hopping or hitting a house party is exhausting for most introverts. However, many introverts still struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out). However, in a coliving space, you can still socialize and enjoy a party without having to leave your home. In coliving spaces there’s always some fun happening that you can join. The best part is that you’ll be around people you know and like. It’s the perfect situation, you can go out without ever having to leave your home.

Learn More About Yourself

Being an introvert in a coliving environment can help you grow in unexpected ways. You won’t necessarily transform into an extrovert overnight, but you’ll be able to really tune into your needs and boundaries. You’ll be able to explore new avenues without placing yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Most importantly, you’ll be able to have alone time without ever feeling truly lonely.

If you are an introvert, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a coliving space without giving up your own space. At LivingQ we happily welcome both introverts and extroverts. We’ve created a dynamic space that fosters the personal growth of everyone who wants to be a part of this new way to live, no matter how much time they want to spend time alone or with others. Give us a call and come check out the space, you may be surprised at how amenable it is for introverts.