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CoLiving: Housing You Can Afford

October 11, 2023

You have completed your education and are ready to face the world, but it is not easy. Wages remain stagnant as prices rise. You have student loan debt and are working at an entry level job. Then there are those nagging little expenses, like eating, utilities, internet, the list goes on. So before you give up and move into Mom and Dad’s basement, consider coliving. Coliving will help you significantly lower your living expenses. 

Coliving Helps Cut Housing Costs

Coliving, which is also known as communal living is a different approach to traditional renting that thousands of renters are utilizing to keep their costs down. By coliving you share a home with multiple unrelated people. Usually you have your own bedroom and perhaps private bathroom but share the kitchen, dining room living room laundry and outdoor space. This sharing of space comes at a lower cost and often has benefits such as fully furnished rooms, community events, or cleaning services. Many renters in Coliving spaces have young professionals of similar backgrounds so networking is also an option. 

How Much Money Can You Save With CoLiving

The biggest area you will save money is on rent itself. Currently the average rent for an apartment in Los Angeles is estimated at $2,556. At LivingQ, our rental prices start at $750, that’s less than a third of the average rental space. Next, the average rental price does not include utilities which can cost hundreds, even thousands a month. At LivingQ, utilities like Gas, Water, Electricity, and Heat and Air Conditioning are all included in your price. You’ll also save money on other expenses like recreation, fitness, and even office space because they are all included.

Other Benefits Of CoLiving

Another benefit of coliving that is usually involves short-term leases so you do not have to be locked into a lease if you change positions or are transferred. This also saves money and aggravation of trying to break a long-term lease. Some other benefits include:

  • Sense of community

  • You have both privacy and collaboration

  • Affordability

  • Increased socialization

  • Reduced impact on the environment

  • Exposure to different cultures

  • Personal Growth

With these benefits, there is no reason not to consider coliving.

What Are You Waiting For?

Just think, some of the common pitfalls of renting with a roommate do not exist with coliving. Your rent remains the same whether 1 or 4 roommates leave. If a roommate leaves, you do not have to scan through online ads and hope you find a roommate who is compatible with you. Now is a great time to join a coliving community as they fill up fast.

Our vision at LivingQ is to build a community of positive individuals to cultivate collaboration and creation under one roof.  Our team is offering on-site and virtual tours to help you live the life you deserve. The biggest benefit? You don’t have to live with mom and dad. Call us today to learn more about how coliving can save you money.