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Share The Burdens By Living With Roommates

October 18, 2023

In the United States, it’s traditional for young people to leave their parents and live on their own from the time they graduate up until they start a new family of their own.  How long this period lasts depends on a lot of factors, but most people spend a few years living on their own.  However, living independently doesn’t mean you have to live alone.

Buying a home is hard to manage before you get a stable income, and renting a place on your own can quickly become either expensive or force you to live in a cramped one-room studio.  That goes double if you live in or near a big city where all the prices are inflated.  That’s why many people who live on their own find roommates they can live with.  Roommates can share a lot of responsibilities with you, making it the perfect option for many Americans.

Split The Living Costs

The most obvious way that roommates can help is by splitting the financial burden of paying for rent, utilities, and other basic needs.  You could even pool your money for buying food and kitchen tools, although you should work out how you split the money and cooking beforehand so that everyone feels like they’re contributing an equal share.  While having a roommate means you’ll have to share public spaces and possibly bedrooms with others, you’ll be able to afford more space and nicer accommodations than you could get on your own.

Manage The Chores

Another way roommates can help is by splitting the chores like vacuuming carpets, wiping counters, cleaning dishes, and dusting furniture.  When everyone contributes to chores they don’t take nearly as much time or effort, so you don’t have to worry as much about keeping everything in good shape or else live in a filthy environment.  Some roommates will create a chore wheel where they switch responsibilities every week, and others will choose the chore they prefer doing and stick with that.  Which one works for you will depend on you and your roommates.

Have Each Other’s Back

When you live on your own, it’s easy for an illness to become a serious problem.  If you have no one to care for you when you can’t stand up, you can sometimes end up going to the hospital when all you needed was a few days of bed rest.  A roommate will be there to notice when you aren’t feeling well and help you out, and in exchange you’ll be able to help them if they run into the same problem.

Something else that helps when you live with roommates is choosing a place that’s designed for shared living conditions.  That’s what you get from LivingQ, a community space that offers shared homes with private spaces for each roommate, shared facilities like kitchens and living rooms, and a cleaning service that keeps the place spotless with no extra cost.  Once you split the rent with others, our rentals are much more affordable than you’d expect.