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How Co-Living Is Ideal for Digital Nomads

December 20, 2023

The number of digital nomads in the world is growing year after year. More than 4.8 million Americans refer to themselves as digital nomads and plan on staying that way for years. It has also been estimated that over half of the popular in the United States workforce will go freelance by the year 2027.

So, why is co-living the ideal solution for those that aspire to be digital nomads? Read on to read about some of the advantages that come along with a co-living space.

No Commute

You will no longer have to get up early, spend your time in traffic, only to rush into a place of work that might not fully appreciate you or realize your full potential. Instead of wasting your time and investing your money in transportation, you should consider a co-living environment as a digital nomad so you can work from there, or virtually anywhere you want.

More Affordable

It may also prove to be a more affordable housing option for you to consider. Yes, you can rent a place of your own or pay for a co-working space somewhere but you will have to commute daily and spend more money than if you pay one time to enjoy a co-living space.

Improved Productivity

Co-living also provides you with the opportunity to work whenever you feel the most productive. You won’t have to travel anywhere or consider the opening hours of a place to go. It also allows you to meet several like-minded people that can help get your creativity flowing.

Meet New People

And that point brings us to meeting new people. When you live in the same space as others, you are spending time together in which you can share stories and find ways to connect with one another. It makes it easy to make new friends.

With that being said, you will also have a greater feeling of community in this kind of environment. When you find a co-living space for digital nomads, you are gathering with the same kind of people who share your same lifestyle, and all have similar goals to you. This helps create that feeling of community.

However, even with all these positives, it is also important to consider the possible disadvantages as well before you dive headfirst into this kind of living arrangement.

Disadvantages of Co-Living

When you co-live, you will quickly find that your work life and your private life will blend together. So, your co-living roommates also, in theory, become your co-workers and it can sometimes be hard to find ways to keep these two separate at times.

It is also shared living meaning you are sharing many spaces like the kitchen and lounge area. So, if you prefer privacy and your own space, then co-living may not be ideal for you.

As you contemplate life as a digital nomad, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a co-living situation. For more information on co-living and how it can benefit you, contact LivingQ today.