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What Is Coliving And Is It Right For You?

December 13, 2023

You just landed your first entry level job. Not the salary you wanted but you could not pass up the opportunity. So between your student loans and the increasing rent costs, you find you end up living paycheck to paycheck. The roommate thing is not for you as you learned from your college years. However, in major cities throughout the US, a new form of housing has become popular called coliving.

What is Coliving?

There is no comparison between roommates in an apartment or college dorms. Coliving is a communal way of living with people who live and work under the same roof. This allows the residents not only affordable housing but can network and establish contacts to help them with their business projects. Basically coliving is a community living concept for young professionals to move into affordable housing and living with like-minded people, sharing costs and enjoying the flexible rental terms.

What Is Included In Coliving?

With your traditional apartment, the rent usually only covers the space and little else. Some do provide utilities but not other expenses. With most coliving spaces, you will experience the following:

  • A private bedroom: Usually a full or queen size bed, fully furnished and often with its own en-suite.

  • Communal living Area:  The living and kitchen area is fully furnished and specially designed for communal living. This includes everything from stain free countertops to an industrial sized refrigerator. Living room furnishings will offer plenty of space and seating.

  • All Household necessities:  Not just pots and pans you would find in a furnished apartment but cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dishwashing soap, even laundry detergent. Usually stocked weekly this is yet another saving.

  • Utilities and internet included: Your utilities and WiFi are included, no extra charges for heat, air or internet.

  • Free cleaning service:  Everyone is asked to be as tidy as can but all shared spaces are professionally one to three times weekly, including mopping and vacuuming.

  • Community events: designed to help the coliving members to get to know each other and experience the best your city has to offer.

  • Weekly or monthly leases: no long leases in case you need to relocate.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Coliving?

So if we have not convinced you to give co-living a try, there are also non-tangible advantages of co-living. Co-living lifestyle facilitates the following:

  • Knowledge sharing to improve your projects

  • Networking and contacts, especially if you are looking for new opportunities

  • Professional cooperation

  • Encourages creativity, teamwork and innovative ideas.

  • Sustainable lifestyle as most are located so residents can walk, bike or take public transportation to their workplace.

  • Environmentally friendly

If we have piqued your curiosity and you feel this is a beneficial way of living for you, or are just curious, come check us out at LivingQ. We specialize in providing living spaces with the right mix of community and privacy. Contact us today for an open house tour to show you all the benefits of coliving. You should not have to live paycheck to paycheck and now with co-living you don’t have too!