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Six Space Saving Tips for Small Spaces

August 16, 2023

A small apartment can be homey and affordable, but often difficult to design and limiting since you are unable to make any permanent changes. Add to that, your apartment may have an awkward layout, or strange features. While there is no set formula for designing for small spaces there are several options that are available to you.

1. Choose Lighting Strategically

While floor lamps are always a welcome addition to home decor, a small apartment isn’t that place. Wall sconces or hanging lighting saves floor space and give you more light with less floor space used. Best of all, many can be plugged into a wall socket.

2. Consider Alternatives To Traditional Furniture

Mid century modern is very popular for small apartments because they are usually up on legs and on a smaller scale, both making a small living room larger.  Some other tools include glass, acrylic, lucite, plexiglass to make the space appear larger. Look for pieces that can serve double duty. A nice bar cart can be used as a coffee table, nightstand or even a bar cart.

3. Use Area Rugs

While your space may be small, floors still play an important role in expressing your style in your tiny apartment. A floor rug can help you transform your space to your style. It will not only make your home your own, they will also help you define the different zones of your apartment. Don’t be frugal with your rug. Get what you love and expresses you. This is a piece of furniture you can just roll up and move with you easily. 

4. Invest In Movable Room Dividers

Living in a studio? No separation between dining and living room? You can still create different areas using different items. Use curtains, folding screens to mark off areas. Use a sofa as a wall divider. A bookcase makes a wonderful divider between your bedroom and living space. Put casters on some of your taller furniture to make it more flexible to move around.

5. Consider Useful Wall “Art”

Renting does not mean you can’t put holes in the wall but you can also display your art on a dresser, lean against a wall. Bookshelves may not seem like “art” but if you place the box shelves correctly and introduce color as well as storage will give a useful and attractive option. Hang your copper pots on the wall as “sculpture”. Adding mirrors can give the illusion of more space.

6. Go Vertical

Always go vertical in a small space. Floor to ceiling shelving gives a feeling of luxury. This allows you not only to place books but also small storage boxes and treasures. Even swapping your nightstand for a bookcase will give you so much more room in your bedroom for storage. Some bookcases are built to multi task so you may want to get one with a built in desk and just like that you have a workspace and a dining room.