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Is Co-Living The Best Choice For You?

July 27, 2023

Living with others is not a new concept. It is actually more common than you think. No longer an apartment with shared college students, there is a new trend that is developing in some of the more crowded cities in the US. That trend is co-living.

What Is Co-Living?

Before any conversation can begin about Co-living, it is important to know what it is and why it is beneficial. Co-living is a modern form of housing, usually in major cities with dense populations. Residents share living space, similar careers, interests, and values: The benefits include:

  • Affordability

  • Strong Sense of Community

  • Collaboration And Networking

  • Reduced Impact On The Environment

Unlike traditional apartment or house sharing each individual signs a lease. Most Co-living spaces provide private bedroom and bath with other spaces shared.

Five Tips If You Choose Co-Living

The Millennial and Z generations tend to more on experiences and life enrichment. Co-living affords them to have more expendable money for life experiences. We have provided five tips to ensure you are comfortable and happy in your new home. Co-living requires good communication.

1) Understand Your Lease Agreement

While this tip goes for any apartment you rent, it is especially important when it comes to co-living. Since each person signs a lease, make sure you understand what happens if that person leaves. Check to make sure to ask what utilities are covered. If they are not covered, find out how they are split.

2) Establish Rules

Set boundaries and establish rules as soon as you move in. Talk to your roommates about noise and privacy levels. Discuss any allergies, pets or smoking habits. Determine rules for chores, visiting and security, such as the hours when the door will be locked.

3) Share Your Contact Information

Make sure you have contact information on all of your roommates. Should a problem arise, you will be able to contact your roommates right away. It is also a good idea to keep a list of each roommate’s emergency contact, should something happen to them you know who to contact.

4) Have Consistent Check In Meetings

Discuss with your roommates how often you should meet for check-ins to discuss any living situation issues. These should be casual conversations ensuring chores and house rules are in compliance and any other issues the roommates may have. Agree ahead of time, what action to take should there be a serious conflict.

5) Stay Involved

While your roommates start out as strangers, it is important to stay involved and have a say in your co-living arrangement. Try to arrange to meet your roommates before you sign the lease. Make sure you ask as many questions as you can to the property manager so there is little misunderstanding.

So if you are looking to reduce your rent payment or simple want more flexibility in your life, a co-living apartment may be just the place you need.  LivingQ invites you to experience our new co-living apartments. Our apartments are remodeled, affordable and include gas, water, electric, heat and air conditioning and trash removal, all at an affordable price. Contact us now to see how we can improve your lifestyle.