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5 Ways For Adulting Your Apartment

July 26, 2023

If you’re a millennial and you’re moving into your own apartment for the first time, you already know that your experience of independent living is so different from what Boomers imagine that you may as well have come from different planets. You don’t have a safety net as they did, you don’t have a high paying, lifetime job with benefits like they did, and they didn’t have the student loans or Gig Economy financial environment that you do.

So while all of that may seem depressing, especially if Boomers still think buying everything from Ikea is something that even poor people can do, you know better. And you know you don’t have the luxury of decorating your apartment with an unlimited budget. But here are a few ways you can get to adulting in your new space and polish it up.

Use Books

Boomers may prefer eReaders, but old fashioned physical books are cheap, look good on a shelf, and, if you’re a true-blue reader, tell people who you are. The oldie is a goodie when it comes to decorating tactics, and using books strategically placed in shelves can fill space, add color, and, if you’re selective, can even present great artwork.

Get Frames

Nothing screams “I am a teenager or young adult” like a poster taped to a wall. However, even a movie poster that is framed becomes Décor, instead of just being a declaration of which movie or band you like. Frames are another of those visual accents that are immediately associated with a more mature, adult lifestyle. So while it doesn’t have to be original artwork, framing your favorite prints or posters changes the look of your apartment.

Get One High-Quality Item

Sometimes less is more, and with some strategic decorating, you can afford to splurge on one piece of expensive furniture—for now—as long as you accent it correctly. If you make a couch, coffee table, or dining table a central element, with other décor framing it, this can be a way to pull the eye in the apartment towards the sophisticated part.

Update Lighting

Another comparatively cheap way to give your apartment that more adult look is to personalize and customize the lighting. It may not be obvious to visitors at first, but any space feels different when it doesn’t have “standard issue” lamps or ceiling lights. Spending a little money on these changes the look and feel of the space.

Paint A Wall Or Two

Standard white or off-white for a wall is a sign of youth and a lack of sophistication, or funds. But if you even paint just one wall—assuming you’re allowed if you’re renting—this makes the space more your own, and immediately separates it from the vast majority of other apartment space. Whether you go with bold, or subtle, painted walls make a big difference.

If you’re looking for an apartment to live in, we can help. LivingQ is ready to make the search for an apartment easier for everyone. Just get in touch with us, and we can start going over the options in your area to find an apartment that meets your personal needs.