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The Key Benefits Of Coliving For Active Professionals

June 20, 2023

Before we can even look at the benefits of coliving it is important that there is a clear understanding of just what coliving is. Coliving is defined as a modern form of housing where the residents with shared interests, values, and intentions share a living space. This allows for openness, collaboration, and social networking for people with similar interests.

Why Is Coliving Becoming So Popular?

The rise in popularity of coliving comes from many reasons, specifically the enjoyment of living with others who share similar interests. However for many professionals it also allows them a chance to expand their network and team build in a new environment. There are many benefits to coliving including:

Coliving Allows You To Be With Like Minded People

Today’s workforce has had to embrace change and adapt to a less than a perfect economic environment. The belief in collaboration over competition is becoming more commonplace in this global community. Coliving is flexible and allows workers to share more than an office. They can share ideas, skills, and opportunities to grow in their careers.

Living Together Means Growing Together

Coliving attracts a certain type of personality. This person is usually curious, open minded, and looking for change. To join a coliving space means being a part of a vibrant, life enhancing community. Since everyone’s needs are different, no matter what they have in common, coliving spaces offer different programs, and activities. Many have specific guidelines so the participant can get the most out of the experience. Even for those who are not as openly social as others, coliving can be beneficial to learning for their work environment.

Coliving Is Not Nonstop Playtime

The idea of coliving may seem like work-related play time, however that is a misconception. Most spaces are set up for people who want to get things accomplished. Many coliving spaces welcome productivity by offering fully equipped, high quality and reliable workspaces. This allows the worker to focus on their productivity. Although, when working with like-minded people it is easy to have fun together as well.

Productivity Through Connection

Coliving spaces are usually built around today’s professionals. But the essence of coliving is to build relationships through experience and commonality. Coliving allows you to get to know your new coworkers by sharing experiences, not just copy machines. Many coliving spaces have extracurricular activities which allows you to not just work, but play together.

Exploring Co-living Spaces

There are now hundreds of co-living spaces of all types and sizes around the world. Since coliving is a fairly new concept it also is a good idea to some research before you book. Make sure the company has an active website and offers a legitimate workspace. When looking at the potential home, examine the space and determine your preferences and what you need in terms of amenities, for example a gym or a pool. Finally, take the time to interview the people already living and working there and ask how they like living at the property.

LivingQ can help you find the perfect coliving space for your needs. We have a variety of flexible workspace options for professionals, while offering a fun and relaxing community. All of our spaces are fully equipped with everything you need to achieve your career goals. Give us a call to schedule a tour so you can see for yourself if coliving is right for you!