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What is Coliving and Is It Right For You?

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You just landed your first entry level job. Not the salary you wanted but you could not pass up the opportunity. So between your student loans and the increasing rent costs, you find you end up living paycheck to paycheck. The roommate thing is not for you as you learned from your college years. However, in major cities throughout the US, a new form of housing has become popular called coliving.

After Coworking Comes Co-Living: The Future of Housing?

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Over the years, the nature of work has evolved rapidly. Telecommuting or remote working has become widely accepted. Then, coworking offered young professionals and startup entrepreneurs a way to work in an office environment, but with a few twists. They work in one building with other people and companies, allowing them to expand their network and save on operational costs at the same time.

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The Key Benefits Of Coliving For Active Professionals

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Before we can even look at the benefits of coliving it is important that there is a clear understanding of just what coliving is. Coliving is defined as a modern form of housing where the where the residents with shared interests, values, and intentions share a living space.