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From co-living basics to news and tips, we’ll cover how to live in community and all the tips on living your best.

What is Coliving and Is It Right For You?

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You just landed your first entry level job. Not the salary you wanted but you could not pass up the opportunity. So between your student loans and the increasing rent costs, you find you end up living paycheck to paycheck. The roommate thing is not for you as you learned from your college years. However, in major cities throughout the US, a new form of housing has become popular called coliving.

Is Coliving safe?

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If you are starting out on your career path or just looking to save money; working and living in a major city like Los Angeles, you will probably struggle to find affordable housing. If you do find housing that meet your needs, it will most likely be unaffordable. There is the rent, utilities, internet often parking fees. Add to that your other bills such as car payments, insurance, college loans, you may not be able to survive. So one answer to this problem is Co-living.

How Co-Living Teaches Us to Be Better People

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What these trends all have in common is the act of opening one’s self to others, an act that is not always as easy to do in real life. Whether or not you have tried coliving in some form or manner, coliving in this day and age benefits people in a unique yet lasting manner. By taking sharing into a more personal space and realm, coliving lets you grow with others and overcome challenges together to become better people. Here are some ways that coliving benefits a group that shares and lives together.

Tips for a Co-Living Lifestyle

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If you have chosen the co-living lifestyle, there are many benefits you will experience. From more affordable living options to a long list of amenities, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You will also find flexible housing terms and a community and family-like atmosphere. However, there are also a few things you will need to get used to when adapting to this new lifestyle. Below you will find a few tips for a co-living lifestyle.

Take Your Life To The Next Level With A Co-Living Experience

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Purchasing a home, leasing a condo, and even renting an apartment can be expensive in the modern world. Just the upfront costs with down payments or first/last month’s rent often seem too much to bear. That is unless a person doesn’t mind living in a bad neighborhood. In those cases, they can probably find a place pretty cheap. However, they will also have to worry about things such as burglars, vandals, and home invaders.

Co-Living Works With Today’s Modern Lifestyles

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Co-living brings people together in co-housing spaces that value both community and privacy in one. You have your privacy when you need it, while you also have ample opportunity to meet likeminded individuals, experience new connections, and remember what community is all about. Whether you’re staying in a place for years, or you’ll only be in town for a number of months until a project is over, you’ll never feel as though you’re on your own.